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    We can help you home with all sorts of foundation repairs using systems like foundation piers, wall anchors, or wall braces and carbon fiber reinforcemnt.

    There are several structural repair services we offer such as support, stabilization, structural repair, and deck restoration or repair.

    We can serve your foundation waterproofing needs through services like basement waterproofing, crawlspace encapsulation and waterproofing, as well as exterior drainage systems.

    Mold can be a serious problem in your home. Find out how we can help you with mold remediation.

  • Foundation Repairs

    Here are a few of our foundation repair solutions.

    Foundation Piers

    Our foundation pier system is used to fix foundation settlement. The pier system uses steel tubes that utilize the weight of the structure to hydraulically drive the piers to bedrock or other competent load bearing strata. Our foundation pier tubes are manufactured from high strength/low alloy hot rolled steel.

    Wall Anchors

    Our basement wall anchor system utilizes proven engineering methods to secure and stabilize deteriorating basement walls. Walls that are affected by leaning, tilting, bowing, or cracking can be corrected using our innovative and effective basement wall anchor system. Our system consists of an interior wall plate, exterior soil anchor, connecting steel rod, and hardware designed to stabilize and support weak or failing basement walls. This cost-effective system features a minimally invasive installation process and requires little maintenance during the course of its lifetime.

    Wall Braces and Carbon Fiber Straps

    Our wall straightening and stabilization products are engineered to counteract bowed, cracked or leaning basement walls. This is a permanent solution to support and repair compromised walls and restore the integrity of the basement walls. We offer quality wall straightening systems that are guaranteed to work in every home you install them in. They are made of durable materials that will last.

  • Structural Repairs

    Below are several structural repair services that we offer.

    Structural Support and Stabilization

    We provide a full line of structural repairs. From sagging floors, to termite-damaged framing, or failing structural members, our team will provide a long term solution with a warranty to back it up. We are certified installers of Grip-tite foundation repair products.

    Structural Repairs

    If the structure cannot be repaired and replacement is necessary we have a team with years of experience in new construction, making us a perfect fit if parts of the structure needs to be rebuilt. Structural repairs often cause cosmetic damages as well. We offer complete build-back solutions for your home so you can quickly get your living space back to normal, which sets us apart from most of our competitors!

    Deck Repairs or Replacement

    We provide a full line of deck repairs, including;

    • post replacement
    • frame repair
    • ledger board replacement and flashing
    • decking board replacement
    • handrail repairs/replacement
    • stabilization 
    • full rebuild
  • Foundation Waterproofing

    Below are a few waterproofing solutions

    Basement Waterproofing

    We can assess your drainage issues and provide you with a long term, effective solution. We provide:

    • Water management system installation
    • Sump pump installation
    • Waterproofing membrane

    Crawl Space Water Proofing and Encapsulation

    Help prevent moisture buildup inside your crawl space by allowing our professionals to seal out any outside air and moisture. This includes:

    • Covering the ground and wrapping all foundation walls with a thick mil vapor barrier
    • Installing wall insulation
    • Sealing all vapor barrier seams
    • Sealing all exterior and interior openings and vents
    • Installing a drainage system and sump pump, as needed
    • Dehumidifier installation 

    Exterior Drainage Systems

    We can assess your drainage issues and provide you with a long term, effective solution. We provide:

    • Drain tile repair and installation
    • Exterior French drain installation
    • Exterior waterproofing 
    • Grading services
  • Mold Remediation

    Mold Remediation

    Mold is a severe health hazard that can have dramatic effects not only on the residence of a property but also the property's overall value. Our Certified Mold Remediation Contractor uses state-of-the-art remediation equipment and procedures to revert your home's condition back to a safe and healthy living environment. Contact us to learn more!

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    Appalachian Property Preservation, LLC is a locally owned and operated business. We hold a Class A contractor's license and offer a full line of repairs and restoration services to properties within Roanoke, VA and surrounding counties. We primarily specialize in foundation and structural repairs as well as basement and crawl space waterproofing. We offer our services to property management companies, real estate agents, homeowners, and mortgage servicers. Our mission is to repair and preserve the condition of our client’s investments. Our focus is providing quality customer service to our clients and providing the services requested in a timely manner. We look forward to becoming your solution.

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